Kababaihan: Conversations with Women Community Leaders




Kababaihan: Conversations with Women Community Leaders
A multimedia documentary by Diana Diroy and Aisha Heredia

With over 80% of the country living off of less than US$2 a day, and with a government that has been complacent with over 1000 extrajudicial killings, being a critical, outspoken community organizer in the Philippines is a lifestyle of struggle—a life of poverty and impending peril.

Kababaihan, meaning amongst the women, is a conversation that ventures to illuminate the spirit of bold women in marginalized Pilipino communities. The narratives we present rise from three areas: the ignored urban shanty-towns of Baseco in Metro Manila, the indigenous mining communities of the Cordillera Mountain Region in Northern Luzon, and the war-ravaged, highly militarized zone of Sulu, in Mindanao. We celebrate how women community leaders hold it up when it all comes down! They are educators, miners, daughters, wives, mothers–pillars of support for their families while fighting to progress their communities.

As a multimedia documentary made for the accessibility of small screens, we hope to channel the resilient stories of these women to ignite conversation, awareness, and community building with our audiences.